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Hi, you’ve arrived at FiiK
World Leader in Electric Skateboards

Australia’s Quinn brothers, Daniel and Mathew, had a dream to revolutionise skateboards. And that’s exactly what they have done.

Engineered to premium quality, FiiK boards exceed extreme performance standards. FiiK Electric Skateboards have exclusively designed Lithium-Polymer (LiFePo4) battery-packs, Stepless Digital Throttle, Anti-Lock Braking, LED Safety Lighting, and a heap of other system and performance features. Check the specs on every board.

Whether you just ride to the beach for a surf check, head out to off-road dirt, or stick to hard-surface speed styling around the neighbourhood, there’s a FiiK Electric Skateboard perfectly matched to you, and your style.

Take a good look around, and see why FiiK is the world’s best.